Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thoughts from Choreographers' Project Fellow '08 Esteban Donoso

Summer Stages was the perfect setting for my collaboration with Laura (Chiramonte). The many showings and exposure of the works-in-progress really helped us find its shape onto the performance. Both Amy and Richard and the staff were very supportive and open to our many experiments and re-definitions of the work. The relaxed-but-still-pushing atmosphere allowed us to establish a dialogue and have way into eachother's thoughts, but not linger or get lost in the process.

I felt very lucky to work with a group of Summer Stages dancers so open and willing to experiment within themselves at great depth. The group of fellows became quite a supportive environment for exchanges, insights and examination of my own biases.

Summer Stages allowed me to take a more objective look at creative processes.

Esteban Donoso

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