Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here's to next time

Summer Stages was a beautiful setting in which to explore the current phase of my work.  I collaborated with Jennifer Schmermund to both rehearse a dance installation that she and I premiered this August in New York City, and to create a group piece with ten Summer Stages Dance students.

The dancers that Jennifer and I got to work with were so dedicated and enthusiastic about the work, there was no way we couldn't love the experience of making a piece. Somehow, amidst classes, rehearsals for repertory, and ice cream at Bedford Farms, our cast had enough energy at the end of each day to find their way into the work -- to deepen their understanding of their individual place in and ownership of the piece.  The ongoing dialogue with directors Richard and Amy, the resident teachers, fellow students, and choreographers was invaluable both in refining the piece from the choreographic standpoint and giving the students the benefit of other perspectives on their performance.  By the end of the three weeks I think we were all proud of the work we'd done. The performance was wonderful, but I'll certainly remember the many hours of work and play in rehearsal with the most affection. 

Overall, I found it satisfying to participate in and see so much work in such a short period of time.  The work that came out of my three weeks at Summer Stages Dance will be a part of the pieces I make for at least the year to come.   I look forward to seeing many of the people I met at Summer Stages Dance again in New York and beyond.  Many thanks to Jen and the dancers, and to Amy, Richard, and the Summer Stages staff.  Here's to next time.

~Kimberly Young, '08 CPF

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