Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reflection from Eiko

We had so much fun in Summer Stages. Nice energy and intimacy. Every relation seems personal in studio, in the dining room and in theater. Even the audience members who came to see the show joined the already established feeling of tribal friendliness.

It was also wonderful to get personal words from students about the class and performance. We were delighted that so many students and interns helped to find dry leaves and showed up cleaning the mess we created in the theater.

Lastly, staff, crews, Technical Director Tim, and Artistic Directors Amy and Richard are all very passionate and hands-on. We feel everyone there CARES deeply about art and dance and that is nourishing. It was a wonderful bonus to have spent some time with Dan Wagner and Sarah Rudner and share our work with them.

Please continue your wonderful Festival and summer training program.  We thank you so much for your invitation.

love, Eiko

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