Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Stages 2008

Submitted by Cara Surico, Choreographers' Project Fellow, '08

I have come to Summer Stages 2008 as a choreographic fellow and I have to say that this opportunity could not have come at a better time. You see I amongst (what is it now over 8 million?) other New Yorkers am trying to make ends meet and more specifically pave my way as an artist. It seems at times that dance gets put on a back burner, yet new work is generated and performances have been accomplished. Before you know it, a year has come and at what point did you even get a chance to reflect and understand any sort of creative process?

Well so far here at Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy, Amy and Richard have created a place where the possibility to do so not only exists, but is the driving force for this program. I find that I am surrounded by artists of every type all at different points in their career. Here, your artistic voice wants to be heard no matter what your background may be. Getting to know your very own process is integral to your work, and I am grateful that I have spent three weeks being constantly reminded of just that! I look forward to bringing back this experience here at Summer Stages to the hustle and the bustle of NYC!

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