Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Lucky" (working title) - Tennille Lambert, 2011 Choreographers' Fellow

A very full first week of rehearsals has past.  I am sensing that a center of the material has been found and I am beginning to understand how each of the performers relate to one another as well as behave in the environment of the work itself.

Upon arrival to Summer Stages, I didn't have an exact concept which would stimulate the piece that I would be creating or set phrases for the dancers to perform.  Rather, I wanted to find the tonal premise of the work through examining improvisations which were explored by the dancers, and asking each of them questions in an effort to observe how they interacted with each other and the emergent environment that was created.  The performers were open and generous with my process which may have at first seemed uncomfortably new and risky.  By the end of the first week we found a few interesting ideas/concepts/themes and formed them into two sections.

Here is some of what arose in the group explorations which we have taken into more critical building place:

-The misplacement of people/objects - constant shifting
-Wanting to find the right place for self and objects
-Fragmentation of individual time lines
-How people can occupy the same space but be completely disconnected from one other

In the first section, I extracted a few actions from "1/4" Canyon Scale" a work that I created in 2004 and recently reset.  Therefore, I sense the new work may be a partner piece to "Canyon" and am interested in seeing how it individuates itself throughout the rest of the process.…  We are definitely having a dance making adventure - insect repellent required!

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