Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Boston Cyberarts Events by 
Summer Stages alum Alisa Cardone and Nell Breyer

Seekers: A Bi-Coastal Dance Improvisation 
Saturday, April 30 at 5pm, CyberartsCentral at Atlantic Wharf, 290 Congress Street, Boston

Seekers looks at the human need for intimacy and connection in a world where distance and technological mediation is the premise for the majority of our communications.  Four performers in a studio in Los Angeles will create movement portraints or "profiles" that will be broadcast live onto monitors in Atlantic Wharf's Waterfront Square in Boston, where a second cast of performers will interact with them in real time.  Seekers aks - to what degree is it possible to virtually capture and transmit the depth and complexity of life experience from person-to-person?  The piece calls attention to the role that fantasy, desire, and imagination play in the absence of presence.

Conceived and directed by Alissa Cardone and Alla Kovgan of Kinodance Company featuring performances by Asimina Chremos (Philadelphia), Zack Fuller (NY), Olivier Besson (Boston), Maria Gillespie (LA), Allison Wyper (LA), Michel Kouakou (LA/Ivory Coast), Alissa Cardone (LA/Boston) and others. Free.  More information at www.bostoncyberarts/

A Dance Within Sol LeWitt’s Bars of Colors Within Squares (MIT)
Saturday, May 7 at 4 & 8pm, The Green Center (MIT Building 6C), Cambridge

 Nell Breyer’s “A Dance Within Sol LeWitt’s Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT)” is a performance project staged on LeWitt’s stunning polychrome terrazzo floor created for the atrium of MIT's Green Center for Physics in 2007. The performance work examines rule systems manifest in group and individual behaviors, revealing surprising aspects of motion, color and depth perception. It responds to the seminal work "Dance" by Lucinda Childs, Sol LeWitt and Phillip Glass. Audiences are invited to view the work from the cross bridges, balconies and stair well of floors 3 & 4, looking down onto the vibrant geometries of LeWitt’s floor and the ephemeral re-organizing passages of dancing bodies through space.

Concept & Direction: Nell Breyer. Dramaturgy: Dejan Srhoj. Rehearsal Director: Sarah Baumert. Choreographic Contributions: Nell Breyer, Sarah Baumert, Dejan Srhoj, Sarah Witt, Ricky Kuperman, Alissa Cardone. Performers: Sarah Baumert, Isidore Bethel, Nell Breyer, David Glista, Theodossios Issaias, Kate Ladenheim, Marissa Molinar, Catherine Murcek, Rafael Oliveira Mariah Steele, Sarah Witt.
Free. A reservation is required via [ ]

 A related exhibition, Perspectives on a Dance in Sol LeWitt’s “Bars of Colors Within Squares (MIT),” will be on view at Carroll and Sons, 450 Harrison Street, Boston from May 4-28.

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