Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't miss John Luther Adams' "Inuksiut" in June in Morningside Park! I just experienced it at Park Amory: Just Extraordinary!

John Luther Adams' "Inuksiut" at Park Armory was an extraordinary event.  80 plus percussion intruments beautifully spread over the expanse of New York's largest indoor space. And through the ingenuity of Adams you could hear the smallest rustlings of individual instruments
and, yes, the fortissimo, were earth shaking but always of nature (minus the punctuation in one section of Varese-like siren warnings).  Audience members  transformed the space into a wonderful kind of beach, stretching out on cardboard  squares supplied by the Armory.  Or some chose to  boardwalk-stroll through space and sound, all transported and grateful that Adams created this layered, luxurious, warm and glacial landscape (the composer is from Alaska).  The piece began and ended with a quiet breathy play of simple, white paper funnels: the Armory at rest, time slowed, New York  at peace: a thousand grateful spectators!  Don't miss it in June in Morningside Park! --Richard Colton

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