Friday, July 17, 2009

Daniel Charon '09 CPF - Week 2

Week two at Summer Stages was eventful. We had a good rhythm to creating the piece as we continued to rehearse. I had to concentrate on staying focused. It’s so easy to settle for something that seems right but doesn’t make sense in the context of the work. I find that it is about stripping away at the movement, often making more subtle choices... always focused on the context and how it fits into the piece as a whole. This is easily said but hard to accomplish. I see the ideas in my mind, imagining the piece and what I will try at the next rehearsal. So often, it doesn’t quite work and I have to keep playing. We shape timing, trying things faster then slower. The material changes. Then it changes again. A solo becomes a trio which becomes a quintet which becomes a solo again. Again, trying to always remember the greater context. I’m at a crossroads in the piece now. A very challenging moment. I think it’s a moment that defines the rest of the piece. I have to make sense of where I’m headed and I have to make sense of making sense about it. I have to earn where I’m headed. There has to be a progression. So I go into tonight with ideas, hopes, and thoughts. I will give it a shot with my focused and ever eager dancers and we’ll see what happens. I thought about skipping to the end but I wonder how I can presume what that will be, having not gotten there. We’ll see what happens, maybe I’ll work on the end!

I also need a title which is always most challenging...

The drama of the week was one of my passionate dancers cracked her chin on the floor and needed a few stitches. She was a trooper and appeared to take it very well. My assistant Meredith handled the situation quite well as I am not the best at those kind of things. Also, the fabulous interns stepped up and took her to the ER. She has already gotten them out and has seemed to move on. It was a good rallying moment I think. Perhaps she will always have a tiny scar that will remind her of her summer at Summerstages and being involved in this piece.


AdlerKL said...

Working with Daniel has been an incredible experience thus far. Our whole group is pleased with where the piece is heading and are quite emotionally attached to it. It's easy to trust in your choreographer when they trust in their dancers which is very apparent in this group.

FlynnCA said...

I have absolutely loved being in this amazing piece. I always left rehearsals feeling accomplished and inspired as opposed to simply tired from our long days of dancing. Daniel made the piece about the dancers he was working with and I have to say it has been my favorite piece that I have ever been a part of. Our group really connected with each other inside and outside of the studio, which was such a special thing to be a part of. I will always look back fondly on these three weeks I spent working with Daniel, Meredith, and my fellow dancers. This experience has allowed me to grow as a dancer and has given me a new confidence both on and off the stage. I wear my scar with pride.