Friday, July 6, 2007

Misnomer Dance Theater @ Summer Stages next week!

Here's an entry from Misnomer Dance Theater who performs this Thursday, July 12 at Summer Stages. Named one of the Top 10 Dance events by The New York Times, they'll be blogging next week from Concord.

This summer, we're going places - literally! As part of a 6 week residency program, we'll be putting together workshops, shows, and other events. Don't miss us this July.

Misnomer is in residence at Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy as the first time winner of the Summer Stages Dance/Baryshnikov Arts Center Artist Residency Project.

As part of the residency, we will be teaching workshops, performing, rehearsing and developing our presenter partnership. You can see us perform live on July 12 or catch some of online at

In July and August, we will be in Concord, MA (as well as MarthaĆ­s Vineyard at The Yard) developing new work. As the second part of the residency, we will be working at the Baryshnikov Arts Center this Fall. We can't wait to meet so many new people and share our work with you!

Check out the full details of our Concord, MA appearances at

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