Wednesday, July 18, 2007

David Parker & The Bang Group Return to Summer Stages

"His work retains a sense of beauty even in the ridiculous. Serious and funny, David Parker & The Bang Group let you have your fun, and feel it, too. A cabaret evening of high intensity." -- The New Yorker

What's all the noise about? It's David Parker & The Bang Group's unique way of making dance, seeing the world, and, often, laughing about it. They're celebrating with a 10th Anniversary Retrospective at Summer Stages Dance on Saturday, July 21 at 8pm.

A contemporary dance company which offers strikingly innovative rhythm-based dance theater, David Parker founded The Bang Group in 1995 as a choreographic laboratory in rhythm, rigor and humor. Using dance rhythm as a new dramaturgy, he draws his movement from high and low art, comedy and tragedy, vaudeville and concert dance, creating a fusion style all his own. The Bang Group has developed a solid reputation in both Europe and North America for its uncompromising wit,innovative movement and ribald approach to gender and sexuality.

"Parker might be an unusually brainy entertainer or an unusually entertaining brainiac. Either way, he and his handsome performers have wrought one of this seasonĂ­s most satisfying productions. 'Hour Upon the Stage' can be enjoyed for its gush of novel, witty movement and dancer-generated sound or for the pleasure of watching people and guessing at their private stories." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Dancemagazine

Here's a short video from New York's Dance Theatre Workshop to get a sense of what all the noise is about:

Visit or 978-402-2339 for more information.

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